How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?

The average human takes between 12-16 breaths per minute. Assuming an 80 year lifespan, that is 672,768,000 breaths.

Most of the time humans barely notice they are breathing. Breathing is a reflex and quite uneventful. We probably only notice breathing if we find ourselves struggling to do so. Breathing therefore is really only noticed and appreciated during moments that force us to respect our reliance upon it. We take breathing for granted, as we tend to do with anything that comes easy.

 “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that leave us breathless.” -unknown

The average sea turtle spends the majority of it’s life underwater. The sea turtle adapted to living most of it’s life underwater where it is much more agile. A sea turtle can spend hours underwater without coming up to breathe when sleeping. An active sea turtle will surface several times an hour.

Breathing for the sea turtle is a much more eventful process than it is for humans. The sea turtle lets out air that is exhausted of almost every last ounce of oxygen as it nears the surface of the water, then lunges it’s head and takes in great big gulps of air. Watching the sea turtle breathe is almost like watching runners at the end of a 100 meter sprint. Each breath is forcefully taken in.

Although both humans and sea turtles require breathing air for survival, the sea turtle has evolved along a path of greater resistance. The sea turtle has resisted the breathing reflex, and shunned dry land where each breath is easy and can be taken for granted.

Compare the sea turtle to it’s cousin the tortoise. The dry ground dwelling tortoise is able to breathe freely. The tortoise however is still very slow and clumsy on land. The sea turtle has been rewarded with greater speed and agility in the sea as it has resisted the breathing reflex. Nature seems to have rewarded the path of greater resistance.

Evolution is a path of struggle. We can observe life millions of years ago by looking at the species that have adapted and survived. The top of the food chain has disappeared many times, often times because life at the top requires less struggle for adaptation.

We can learn about success through struggle by looking behind us, but also by looking forward.

Eric Thomas is a former NFL player that has become an inspiring motivational speaker. He popularized the following phrase.

 “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.” - Eric Thomas

His inspirational video expands on this concept, and takes over where the sea turtle left off teaching us about the path of greater resistance.

 Immersing myself in my surroundings with a camera doesn't just turn down the noise of life, it powers it off completely.  -Ryan Henke Studio


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