The Passion of the Sunset


Every day we are given a sunset. I used to respond to them very differently. Before they would seduce me to their beauty a few times a year, or perhaps a few times a month.  A sunset is enticing to everybody, it invites us all to share in its magic.

Then the passion of the sunset found me. Sunsets stop me in my tracks and sit me down. Real life takes a back seat. Sunsets now have power to send me scrambling for my camera and running with my gear up a hillside with reckless abandon. Sunsets evoke feelings inside of me. Seeing a sky in the late afternoon with just the right kinds of clouds can change the plans of my entire agenda. 

Passion gets it's way. It doesn't lull you into it's arms slowly like seduction, but grips you with all of it's strength and demands your full obsession. Your simple attention might satisfy the demands of sweet seduction, her arms are inviting and always open. Passion on the other hand, will have it's way with you. Passion doesn't knock or invite, it just kicks down the door and makes its demands.

Nothing has changed in the sunset itself. Something has changed in the way my brain translates a sunset. Perhaps moving up the sunset on my internal list of priorities caused the change. Perhaps always carrying a camera around with me has contributed.

I must follow my passion. Could I ignore it even if I tried?

Sunsets are no longer everyday events, but once in a lifetime opportunities that cannot be missed.

 Immersing myself in my surroundings with a camera doesn't just turn down the noise of life, it powers it off completely.     - Ryan Henke Studio



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  • Edna says...

    Beautifully said. I look forward to following both your photography and your writing. Your passion for sunsets reads like prose. Your photographs capture nature’s color pallet in grand display. Life under the sea with your tortoises captivates me with it’s peaceful allure. I love them all.

    December 22, 2014

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